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March 2017

"The care and programs offered were valuable in beginning my rehabilitation from alcohol abuse." – Female, 54, Addiction Recovery

"This is the place I will come for treatment. The people here are great, caring and wonderful people who take their job seriously when it comes to the care of the patients." – Female, 35, Outpatient

"Thank you for helping me make the right decision about treatment. The techs were kind and respectful. My therapist gave me tools to help cope with my anxiety." – Female, 39, Mental Wellness

"I came to this hospital with 3 goals. They put me on the path to achieve these goals. Hoorah!" – Male, 40, Mental Wellness

"You are all awesome and the staff is great. Thank you for your help. I discovered a lot about myself during my stay that is helping to identify issues to work on." – Male, 28, Mental Wellness

February 2017

"I had a great therapist. The staff made me want to be accountable for my treatment by being friendly, welcoming, and treating me like I matter." – Female, 32, Outpatient

"My therapist is amazing and has truly helped me figure out my triggers. I've had some breakthroughs." – Female, 27, Outpatient

"The groups and other patients have really helped. These people have gotten me to open up and be receptive to professional help." – Female, 28, Mental Wellness

January 2017

"Detox made for a smooth transition. I believe the PHP program will strengthen my ability to stay sober." – Male, 43, Addiction Recovery

"The nurses were extremely helpful, and my doctor gave me hope. Everyone treated me with such kindness and dignity." – Female, 64, Addiction Recovery

"Great staff, and daily schedules were managed well throughout the day. AA meetings were good, and it is a good idea to have outside sources come in to speak to the group." – Male, 26, Addiction Recovery

"Absolutely every person I came in contact with here has been wonderful. I have felt welcomed and never felt that I was bothering anyone with questions. A very safe place. Thank you." – Female, 48, Addiction Recovery

"I am very impressed. I looked online at the reviews before coming, and it was right on track with the reviews. Excellent staff." – Female, 44, Addiction Recovery

"This was a great experience. The whole staff was very helpful and knew their roles to perfection. I would definitely return." – Male, 24, Mental Wellness

"Thank you. I am so incredibly grateful to not only the entire staff but also patients for aiding me on my own personal journey. I hope I may have helped others somewhat too." – Female, 39, Mental Wellness

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