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April 2017

"Very professional and caring people from the nurses to the doctors. Great programs for therapy, and individual help with goals was great help.  Great job! Ready for sober living thanks to skills I have learned here." – Male, 32, Addiction Recovery

"Thank you for saving my life and ensuring I can be the man I need to be for my family." – Male, 35, Addiction Recovery

"I liked my doctor. The computer aspect with her is great technology. Everyone was so nice and respectful." – Female, 66, Addiction Recovery

"You guys are committed. You have a hard job, but you treat people with dignity and care." – Male, 49, Outpatient

"I learned coping skills, identifying triggering situations, how to think with my wise mind, mindfulness, deep breathing, and medication. I know I still have a long way to go, but thanks to my therapist I'm leaving with confidence that I'm on the right track. She was awesome and very patient with me. Thank y'all very much!" – Male, 32, Outpatient

"My therapist was great at making me feel safe and allowing me to open up at my own pace. The staff was wonderful." – Female, 42, Outpatient

March 2017

"The care and programs offered were valuable in beginning my rehabilitation from alcohol abuse." – Female, 54, Addiction Recovery

"This is the place I will come for treatment. The people here are great, caring and wonderful people who take their job seriously when it comes to the care of the patients." – Female, 35, Outpatient

"Thank you for helping me make the right decision about treatment. The techs were kind and respectful. My therapist gave me tools to help cope with my anxiety." – Female, 39, Mental Wellness

"I came to this hospital with 3 goals. They put me on the path to achieve these goals. Hoorah!" – Male, 40, Mental Wellness

"You are all awesome and the staff is great. Thank you for your help. I discovered a lot about myself during my stay that is helping to identify issues to work on." – Male, 28, Mental Wellness

February 2017

"I had a great therapist. The staff made me want to be accountable for my treatment by being friendly, welcoming, and treating me like I matter." – Female, 32, Outpatient

"My therapist is amazing and has truly helped me figure out my triggers. I've had some breakthroughs." – Female, 27, Outpatient

"The groups and other patients have really helped. These people have gotten me to open up and be receptive to professional help." – Female, 28, Mental Wellness

January 2017

"Detox made for a smooth transition. I believe the PHP program will strengthen my ability to stay sober." – Male, 43, Addiction Recovery

"The nurses were extremely helpful, and my doctor gave me hope. Everyone treated me with such kindness and dignity." – Female, 64, Addiction Recovery

"Great staff, and daily schedules were managed well throughout the day. AA meetings were good, and it is a good idea to have outside sources come in to speak to the group." – Male, 26, Addiction Recovery

"Absolutely every person I came in contact with here has been wonderful. I have felt welcomed and never felt that I was bothering anyone with questions. A very safe place. Thank you." – Female, 48, Addiction Recovery

"I am very impressed. I looked online at the reviews before coming, and it was right on track with the reviews. Excellent staff." – Female, 44, Addiction Recovery

"This was a great experience. The whole staff was very helpful and knew their roles to perfection. I would definitely return." – Male, 24, Mental Wellness

"Thank you. I am so incredibly grateful to not only the entire staff but also patients for aiding me on my own personal journey. I hope I may have helped others somewhat too." – Female, 39, Mental Wellness